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At Blaze Oil, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best home heating, solar and air conditioning services. And we’ve got something the big guys can’t offer you - truly personal service that will make you feel like family.

Premium heating oil and diesel fuel, quality burner service, installation, and air conditioning.

Key Service Offerings Include:

Automatic Deliveries - based upon customer usage history and a weather table
Will Call - we will deliver oil within 3-5 days when a customer calls
Budget Plans - allow our customers to spread out payments over 12 months
Prepay Options - allow our customers to prepay at a fixed rate per gallon

Service Our Customers Rely On:

Oil deliveries in our own trucks
Maintenance, installation and repair for all oil heaters
Maintenance and repair on all gas and propane heating units
Maintenance and repair on all air conditioners, heat pumps, and water softener units
Water heater repair and installation, heat pumps and water softener maintenance
Maintenance and repair for geothermal and solar systems
HVAC unit repair and installation
Oil tank repair and installation
Oil tank line cleaning and maintenance
Gas and propane service
24 hour emergency service/7 days a week

Sludge Prevention:

Every gallon of our heating oil is specifically treated in house with an anti-sludge additive at no extra cost to our customers. After roughly three oil deliveries, most customers enjoy a noticeable improvement with their burners. This also reduces the need for unnecessary service calls due to clogged oil lines.

No Service Contracts to Sign:

Blaze Oil will come to your home or business and provide you with a thorough inspection of your oil burner system. This service includes: cleaning of your chimney base, chimney stack, inside of the boiler, replacement of nozzles, oil filter and screen, and an adjustment of the air and fuel mixture utilizing the latest in advanced electronic diagnostic technology.